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Joysticks, Control Desks, Foot Switches, Encoders, Radio Remote Controller

Our technology has been used worldwide on construction sites, harbours and industrial plants for decades. We place high demands on joysticks, control Desks & Foot Switches.

Produced as individual units or in large series, we always adapt our devices to the individual requirements of our customers. This is the only way to guarantee safe, state-ofthe-art and reliable use.

Short delivery times and high flexibility are our strength. (Sales) offices in Bangalore, Delhi, Kolkata and Mumbai ensure our customers have constant access to impeccable support.

We are their channel partner for encoders,industrial wireless control & safety switches in India – TR Electronics,TeleRadio & Sitec are time tested names in Europe offering solutions to your standard and unique end case requirements. We are bringing them to you in India – providing safe robust and reliable approach.

International distribution network and modular design of all our products make extraordinary service possible.

Give us a call, we‘ll be happy to cater to your Industrial control needs.
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Control Station
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