Spohn+Burkhardt, India is committed to Make in India

Spohn Burkhardt Control stations – Made for Order

Standard features include:

  • Powder coated CRCA parts
  • Cable Entry through base
  • Hand rests
  • Monitor holders – for touch interfaces
  • Rotatable and Non rotatable versions
  • Made in Germany forged, precision bearings
  • Wired routing channels with digital outputs/inputs modules mounting and layout for terminals/PLC
  • Installation for master-controllers, control devices, other instruments
  • All bolts and washers of high grade SS with damping pads for vibration resistance
  • IP54 for dust and vermin proofing
  • Ergonomic seats – With mechanical, pneumatic suspensions for weight and height adjustments
  • Collapsible seats for tight access spaces
  • Seat Base units for optimum height access
  • Foot pedals with foot switches for digital signals

Optional features:

  • Made in Germany comfort seats-Pneumatic suspension and Mechanical suspension
  • Side consoles with SS top, sloped fronts for master-controllers
  • Foot pedals for analogue control
  • Custom seat upholstering and cushioning