Handles - Ergonomics is our priority

What would be joysticks and switches without the right handles? Tell us what you need, we will make the ideal handles for you, small series with rapid prototyping, large series with injection molding.

Special handles, which are ergonomic, waterproof or equipped with special functions, are also supplied according to your wishes.

G25, G9
Handles without Buttons
Handles with Push-button
Balls and T-handles
Handles for mech. lock

Handles are as diverse as the sectors in which they are used. Our handles are a reliable addition to joysticks, controllers, control stations, on-deck control stations, pendants or portable control stations. Whether the design is simple or complex, we develop the exact solution that you need.

In the process, it is important to us that all shapes, from the handles to the buttons, promote ergonomic and user-friendly movement.

You receive complex designs with individually selected buttons. Flat or protruding pushbutton versions are available, and toggle switches are available in different versions. Thumb wheels or rotary wheels can be integrated into the handles of the UG series and the G25 and G9. Buttons with LED or dead man’s function are optional. A relieving hand support can also be ordered.

Simple versions are available with or without buttons. Ball and T-handles fit comfortably in your hand. However, handles for mechanical locking are also included in our product offering.

Of course, we also offer custom versions. We also emphasize ergonomics for all handles; this also applies to special handles. You assemble the control fields to suit your requirements and we can even integrate a mini-joystick. You also have a selection of colors and some additional functions. We can also manufacture waterproof handles for you.

Normally, we provide our handles in combination with other products. Of course, if you are interested in retrofitting in order to optimize haptics and functions of your control devices, we are the right contact partner. We can advise you which handles are best suited to your requirements.