Solution Partners - TR Electronic

TR Electronic is a celebrated brand for sensing solutions in Europe and other markets including Asia and Americas. Based in Trossingen, Germany involved in research, development, manufacture and selling of encoders ranging from incremental, absolute, linear and drives.

TRElectronic sensors ensure measurement of position speed velocity distance and other essential parameters necessary for closed loop control. They have safety specific ranges and have proven products in measuring systems like Laser distance measurement and bar code sensors.Product specific business units helps them achieve better competencies integration.

From Wind turbines where rotary blades need alignment for extracting optimum efficiency, in rolling mills for blank length cutting, ensuring precision and safety in press lines of mints and automotive industry, in conveying systems, racks and forging presses, their customer specific design possibility with wide range of solutions in industry standard specifications becoming the hallmark of TR Electronic heritage.

Rotary encoders
Linear encoders
Heavy Duty