Welcome to Spohn + Burkhardt

Spohn+Burkhardt is a time-tested manufacturer of industrial joysticks, control stations and resistors with a legacy spanning 100 years.

Engineers Karl Spohn and David Burkhardt founded the company in 1920 and continues to be family owned. They started their journey repairing motors and switch gear.

By 1930s they had started production of star delta switches, automatic switchgears and by 1942 first patent were filed for switch rollers and started complete control cabinets for cranes by 1948. Innovation specific to industry has followed ever since with strong distribution and after sales support earning a reputation amongst our customers.

Our Indian subsidiary has been operational since 2017 to partner India’s Industrial growth and ever-growing need of control solutions.

Our joysticks are modular, built for specific function with a wide portfolio of products that shorten solution development for your application. OEMs, System Integrators, Automation solution providers have valued this trait. Quality and reliability attested by our customers is a testament to our approach to product development with many customer relationships spanning more than two decades in India.

These help us to cater to relevant and adaptive solutions for various Industry verticals ranging from Steel plants, ports and harbours, agriculture to defence, construction and cement, industrial automation and more.

Based in the Silicon Valley and Aerospace hub of India, Bangalore with our Sales offices in Mumbai, Kolkata and Delhi ensure liaison and solutions are efficient.

Reach us for your requirements. We are passionate about solving your control solutions and challenges. At Spohn + Burkhardt, we always have it under control!